5 Biographies every Dreamer should read.

It is impossible to find a man without dreams. We all carry a truckload of them and it is the beauty of these dreams that add value to life. But with every broken dream and every failed plan we understand what it takes to make dreams come true. A few of our dreams stop making sense and a few others seem to be too difficult to accomplish. It is in this phase of life that books about accomplished individuals help us draw the line between a broken dream and a success story. These books show what success means to different people and how we all live in our own bubble unaware of history being written everyday.

Here is our list of 5 Biographies/Autobiographies for anybody with dreams. These books may not reduce the grind but they will definitely make sure you realize the potential of dreams. Like a wise man once said, “If you can dream it you can do it.”

  1. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

Ease of Reading – 4/5

The most inspiring book in this list simply because of the impact Steve Jobs has had on our lives. The author, Walter Isaacson, has done a great job in showing how Steve Jobs was an artist living in the Tech world.  The book teaches you about having passion and love towards your dreams and going about achieving your goals without compromise. Jobs lived his life on his own rules and apart from being motivational, this book is brutally honest about the nasty side of success.

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  1. The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon by Brad Stone.

Ease of Reading – 3/5

This book shows how one of the world’s richest men didn’t hesitate to start small. How many of us would decide to leave our hefty paychecks and decide to go sell books? This is exactly what Jeff Bezos did and today Amazon is one of the most loved brands and a benchmark for other companies.

Another recurring theme in this book is that hard work makes even the most audacious plans work. Successful people are driven and can find the light at the end of a tunnel even when there isn’t one. And selling books could take you to space.


  1. The Snowball – Warren Buffett and the business of Life by Alice Schroeder.

Ease of Reading – 2/5

This book teaches you how just wanting to be rich could actually make u one of the richest men on the planet. And why it is ok to just want to be rich and do whatever it takes to achieve it.

Warren Buffet was a workaholic and he knew the value of investing money in the right place. This man knew how to take a calculated risk and watch the money grow.

This book is easily the most challenging one in the list simply because of its sheer size and business terminologies but it will definitely leave you with a whole new perspective on money and its value. “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”


  1. Open – An Autobiography by Andre Agassi.

Ease of Reading – 5/5

Have you ever wondered if a sportsman really chooses his sport? Or are there sportsmen who also live their parent’s dream?

This is an ideal book for someone who wants to dwell into the world of Autobiographies. It is a breezy read and one that teaches us why it is ok to believe in your parents’ vision for you. Andre Agassi has written about the monotony of a glamorous life and how quickly we as humans get used to fame. We see how much even a sportsman values education. With a school of his own one of the highlights of this book is his emphasis on the happiness of giving.


  1. Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance.

Ease of Reading – 4/5

The next time you ditch your passion because you can’t find time, think of somebody who runs 3 companies and each of them at the top of their league.

This book teaches us that you can work for the greater good of humanity even when the rest of the world is busy sharing likes and photos. Elon Musk has an aptitude for risk like no other and does all this without wearing the same colored t-shirt every day. Through the course of the book, you realize that you can sometimes keep both your feet in different boats and still stay balanced.

The book asks you to believe in goals larger than yourself and keep trying different things in life.

PS: So pick up your book and start reading. Because with every page you turn your dreams are that much closer.

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