5 exciting Road trips for that Crazy Traveler in you.

It is that time of the year when we start creating memories. When we start becoming travelers, tourists, and storytellers. From the adventure junkies to the ones looking for inner peace, we all share one thing in common.  We travel.

Whether you are looking to settle things down or ruffle things up a road trip is the ultimate one-stop shop. You get to tread your own path at your own pace. Hence we, the folks at Bhukkadlog, have compiled a list of 5 Road trips. We give you our word; Each one will leave you with an amazing story to tell.

  • The Destination roulette.

Ever wondered how it feels to pack your bag and not know where your destination is. When you can’t decide whether you need a swimsuit or a pair of trekking boots. This is exactly what adds to the fun of “The Destination Roulette”.

Rules of the game -Pack your bags, Pick your car, Get the luggage in the boot. Now every individual writes his/her destination on index cards and the driver picks one. And off you go.

With everything ready and packed nobody leaves the car and with Google to help you out there is no worry of getting lost. After all, won’t it be a fun photograph of your friend in his beachwear and you all set to trek!

  • Going back in time.

The beauty of a road trip is getting lost and finding your way back. It is when you get lost in the woods that you find yourself. But with all the perks of technology, it just makes sure that you’re never lost. So we go “Back in time”.

Rules of the game – Carry a physical map on your next road trip. Go old school. Ask people for directions (The Indian GPS). You will be pleasantly surprised at how much more you explore.

  • The No-Phones road trip.

Do you feel anxious at the thought of being totally disconnected in this intensely connected world? Then the “No-Phones trip” is something you must try.

Rules of the game – Leave your phone at home. At best carry a feature phone. Despite the anxiety, you will figure out that it is really not difficult to contact your near ones whenever necessary. In fact, you realize the value that people add to your life when they’re not always at your fingertips.

We all fear losing out on something which keeps us hooked to our phones. Don’t worry. Nothing scary happens. You are not going to lose a client. Your manager is not going to be pissed. Nor is your family going to be in danger. The only thing you need to be prepared is to face the wrath of your girlfriend.

  • The trip with no records.

In the age of social media, we as a generation are so used to recording moments we fail to experience them. So can you go on a “Trip with no records”?

Rules of the game – Leave your cameras at home. Even your cell phone cameras. Enjoy the sunset without the hindrance of a mobile screen. There is absolutely no pressure to look good. The fact that you are not going to take a single photo on the trip will help you live your journey even more.You will be amazed at how differently people dress up when there are no cameras lurking around.

In fact, the best part about this is that it only exists within you.

  • The destiny’s child.

A lot of us believe in destiny without even knowing what it is. So why not explore what destiny has to offer. Because it is said that “What is meant to be will always find a way.”

Rules of the game – Do you have it in you to leave one day of your life to the toss of a coin. Get your backs packed.  Get your buddies and get a coin. Every turn you make is decided by the toss of a coin and all your doubts about destiny will all be answered.

Many of us go through life believing we will get what we deserve. But is it really so? Like a wise man once said, “The road has answers to everything”.

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PS: We, travelers, come in all shapes and sizes. Some of us are the tourists. Some of us are the social media brigade. And some of us are the ones who romanticize travel. If you are the latter this list is just what you need to rejuvenate the traveler in you.

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