7 Signs your Startup might never start.

There is a phase in our life when we all have mentally plotted to have our boss kidnapped. That phase when we realize that no amount of money can substitute the feeling of being our own boss. A lot of us take it a step further and even discuss a startup idea with our friends and family but only a handful of such ideas ever see the light of the day.

Having had our own hits and misses, we at Bhukkadlog believe these are a few signs to look out for if you have consistently failed to get beyond ideas every single time. The 7 signs that your million dollar startup might just never start:

  • First build a business, then a revolution.

Did you know that Nokia was once famous as a manufacturer of toilet paper? Or that the Royal Enfield tagline ‘Made like a Gun’ was initially used for the lawn movers Enfield built?

Every time you kill an idea because it won’t start a revolution you are letting go of an opportunity.Even Royal Enfield built their first motorcycle 8 years after they established their company in 1893. Of course, the idea should be exciting but waiting for something that overwhelms is asking for too much. No idea will ever be enough to sweep you off your feet.

  • Riding the Sine wave.

Does your idea start when the Monday anxieties kick in and wither away through the week? Or are you the discussion group who are in the maxima this weekend and down at the minima in the next?

The journey towards your startup will make real progress only when you are restless about it every day of the week. An ON-OFF affair can only help in having exciting conversations.

  • Do you ‘really’ know your co-founder?

While starting our entrepreneurial journey, with a co-founder, the lines between the professional and personal lives of both parties are always blurred. It is important to keep each other informed about future plans and how much of time and energy each of you is willing to spend. Because if you have to play cat and mouse with your co-founder, a startup will end up being a distant dream.

  • Waiting for an ‘Angel’ investor.

We are all told that the first rule of business is to never begin with your own cash. But unfortunately, even your beloved investor is aware of it.

So, let’s get this straight; No investor ever funds an idea. They are investing in your ability to execute what you set out to do. And unless you have a history of successfully running businesses (in which case these lines must be cracking you up) no investor will shell out money for you to start off on your entrepreneurial journey. So are willing to bootstrap and put some trust in your own idea?

  • How insane are you?

A startup is all about love. There are cases when even the most brilliant ideas haven’t worked. So unless you are a rebel, a startup may not be your cup of tea. You have to take that leap of faith and be prepared to look dumb to a few people. No one can measure the potential of your idea accurately. But nor can anybody sit at home and think about how to get through traffic.

  • One man Army.

Somewhere between your exciting idea and the entrepreneurial leap of faith the people you started off with might just lack the belief in your vision. So unless you can keep all the bases covered, if one of your comrades falls out of love with your idea you might just start doubting your abilities as well. Be open to the idea of starting alone. It is up to you decide if it is the team you want or your startup idea.

  • Playing the waiting game.

All of us wait for that perfect moment to start our entrepreneurial journey even while we crib to wait at a traffic signal. Weigh your options and take that calculated risk.The right time was the year that already passed so don’t play the waiting game. You cannot be a measured rebel and no big change happens in installments.

Each one of us has an entrepreneur within. It is just a matter of pulling up our socks and getting our entrepreneurial journey started.

Because at the end of the day we would all blissfully wear the badge of a failed startup than one that failed to start.

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  1. Wonderfully written with all possibilities! Every single point mentioned Is well explained. It has definitely motivated me! The last few lines literally boost my confidence! Good work!

  2. This is by far the best advice I’ve ever heard..so so true. You are brilliant at this Gokul. Keep doing the great work.

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