How to add Personality to your Blog posts.

Blogging is one of the most popular ways of sharing our ideas and expertise with the world. After all, each one of us has a story to tell and the ability to add value to people around us. But when options are galore and a click costs nothing, it is reader engagement that plays a decisive factor in the success of a blog. That is why sometimes your content-driven article goes practically unread and something written casually goes viral. And we sit back and wonder “What was so special about this post?”.

Personality. And this is exactly what we are going to discuss in this post. How do we add a unique persona to the blogs we write? How can we go viral every single time?

Because if the Content is what attracts readers to your blog it is the Personality of your posts which will make sure they stay.

Here are six ways you can add personality to your blog posts.

  • Don’t try to impress your readers.

While starting off on our blogging journey we are trying to create a mark with every article. The optimism of turning every reader to a subscriber could make us write such content driven articles that it becomes difficult for a reader to understand. After all, nobody subscribes to content which needs a Wikipedia for reference. Keep it simple.

  • Don’t ‘Google it’.

In the pursuit of being ‘technically’ correct with our posts, we tend to go through a lot of online content before we publish one. Although the idea is right we often come across contradictory posts and forget what we wanted to blog about in the first place. Don’t Google. A book might just serve you better.

  • Don’t fish for ‘Trending’ topics.

A reader can clearly differentiate between a half-baked article and one written with conviction. Write what appeals to you even if you fear it will go unread. There is an audience for everything and when they find you they’re going to stay.

  • Add perspective to information.

A spreadsheet in itself doesn’t interest anybody. A reader wants to know how anything he reads about will affect him. So never throw information into a blog post without adding correlations to the same, especially when your posts have stats in them.

  • Quit sitting on the fence.

We are all uncomfortable in sharing our inner self to the world and writing does it in a great detail. Have an opinion.

Whether you like it or not we are all being judged with everything we do. Embracing this as a fact would only help you connect with the person behind the screen beyond numbers and information. Of course, you want to write posts that are “objective” but only when you add your opinion to it without the fear of getting judged will you add personality to your posts. Adding a small snippet of an experience also adds variety to a blog post.

  • Add layers to writing.

A big part of reader engagement depends on how you write your posts. Your content should be readable but don’t make things obvious. Throw in a few puns and let you readers figure them out. If you happen to wield a paintbrush throw in a few sketches as well. Mix things up.

The beauty of blogging is you learn something new with every post. So don’t think twice before twisting, bending and breaking everything we’ve said. ‘Including this one’. Because if people leave your blog with a smile on their face you can count on them to come back.

Bonus tip – Write Solo. If you are someone who finds it hard to show an unedited article to a friend just imagine having a live audience to every word you type. Give yourself some space and watch some personality reflect in your blog posts.