#AsusIndia Why is “Vivobook S15 the perfect laptop for budding YouTubers and Entrepreneurs”? #BeyondTheEdge

We all know the gadgets we buy are an extension of our personality. The right kind of device not only complements a content creator but catapults them to the next level. And every blogger goes through a phase where they need a moment of inspiration to keep their creative juices flowing.  The Vivobook S15 is that perfect blend of ease and sophistication needed for a content creator to help push their limits. So we the folks from Bhukkadlog.online decided to take our shot at the #greatestgiveaway ever and pen down a few points as to what will make Vivobook S our perfect blogging partner.

  • Fits in a purse.

Ever blogger will admit that a mobile or a tablet breaks the chain of thought. Hence it becomes imperative to carry a laptop while traveling either to jot down ideas or simply finish the final edits of an article. Weighing just 1.7kg and 17.9 mm in thickness the Vivobook S15 is the perfect companion for a traveling blogger. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Vivobook S could even give tablets a run for its money.

  • A safe house.

A blog means a culmination of a Youtube channel, A website and a lot of social media presence. With the 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor, potentially a 2TB HDD+512 GB SSD and a Fingerprint sensor, you literally have everything at your fingertip. Although the aluminum finish will attract a whole lot of eyeballs we won’t lose any sleep thanks to extremely secure fingerprint sensor and Windows 10 “Hello” security login feature.

  • A Nocturnal.

With an 80% screen to body ratio and a 7.8 mm nano edge bezel screen display, the Vivobook S15 is a nocturnal companion. As someone who believes that blogging is meditation, the Vivobook S is the perfect companion even for a night in the woods. The 15.6 inch (1920×1080) screen with a 178-degree Wide view and Anti-glare display makes sure even a large team like us, can work on a single laptop without actually fighting to view the screen.  The Tru2Life Video enhancement and ASUS SonicMaster makes it a blessing to the eyes and music to the ears. The backlight keyboard also adds to the fact that we can continue blogging while letting people around us have a nap.

  • Let the force be with you.

The NVIDIA Geforce 940MX graphics card makes a huge difference for a sketch artist. It makes editing a cakewalk and rendering can no longer be an excuse for delays. The spacing of the keyboard is nothing but perfect and you hardly fell the need of a mouse. With an 8-hour battery life and 60% battery charging in 49 minutes, it also eliminates the need to fight for the seat next to the power socket. And even in case you ever find your battery draining power, the Asus battery health charging app allows users to manually set the relative state of charge (RSOC) to 60 %, 80% or 100%.


The Vivobook S is clearly for those who go #beyondtheedge. And at Bhukkadlog.online that is what we aspire to do with every post. From sketches to blog posts, it is our dream to share something new with every post and be the culmination of great minds and great content. With a powerful tool like the Vivobook S15, we would not only be able to deliver quality content and information but also set a stage for a lot of creative minds to share their side of the story. Because with an ASUS laptop as our blogging partner, we will have truly #foundtheincredible.

PS: A big Thank you from our team to #AsusIndia and Mumbiker Nikhil for the opportunity. Hope you have fun reading our articles, as much as we do while watching your videos.