Biryani hubs in Bengaluru you just can’t miss!!

Happiness is the combination of Authentic dum biryani with all the delicious spices that exist and tender yummy meat all in one bowl.

Biryanis have been ruling the Bangalore crowd for over a decade, the culinary art involved has rediscovered the language of food and the magic hidden behind. Only a few dishes can occupy the heart of all age groups, and this culinary art is one among them. Over the last two decades, many cities across the country have tried to take this masterpiece to a whole new level using their local flavors & ingredients, and on the pursuit of the best, we have hand-picked a few from Bangalore.

Meghana Foods

People just can’t get enough of this place. A set of multiple joint’s across the city can put any star hotel to shame. It’s surely the best biryani in town & the boneless chicken biryani served here is to die for. Traditional Hyderabadi or not, the food here is just mouth-watering, spread across the city at various locations for everyone’s ease is a must visit for any foodie.

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Hyderabadi Biryani house/Biryani House

Flavors & spices from Andra along with an ideal combination of Authentic dum biryani & tender yummy meat, all in one bowl is just mouth watering. A perfect choice for people craving for affordable typical Andhra style biryani.

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Shivaji Military hotel

Most famous for it’s Donne Biryani.  A modified version of the Marathi biryani with native spices & flavors to fulfill the desire of the people of Karnataka.  Biryani is served in biodegradable palm leaves which adds taste to the dish.
The Donne biriyani along with the spicy sharva is a complete bliss.

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A clean & tidy place, quick service, Delicious food!!
What else do we need?
It’s the best bet you can have if you are looking to indulge in some spicy food traveling all the way from Hyderabad. The biryani is loaded with Andra Spices which makes it a gourmet experience.

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Thalassery Resturant

If you are a connoisseur of good Kerala cuisine & looking to savor the same, then this is a place you can’t miss. The local taste of Kerala & typical Thalassery style biryani is a  total bliss for your tummy. Not just the biryani’s,  but I gorge myself with different varieties of seafood dishes too.

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Rahhams is the perfect place for those who love mutton biryanis. Their main restaurant is nestled in Frazer Town since 1998 and over the years, Its old world charm means yummy tasty biryanis. The kebab’s and the shawarma go really good along They now have 6 outlets in the city.

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Mani’s Dum Biryani

Authentic, flavourful + sumptuous food, a perfect gourmet experience. The place is similar to biryani house/biryani zone where the biryani is cooked on firewood. Not a place commendable for the ambience, but the food is palatable.

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If you have a penchant for Hyderabadi cuisines, then this certainly will be a paradise for you. A perfect ambiance tagged along with some appetizing biryani.

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