The Facebook traveler!

Travel is one of the most amazing and essential aspects of the human life. It is a celebration of the exploratory spirit of the human species where we love to get out of our comfort zone and see what lies beyond the horizon. Every Bucket list ever made consists of more than a couple of […]

Breakfast hubs every non Kannadiga must try before they start complaining!!

Bangalore being the hub of eateries & a capital filled with foodies, yet we have people(an outsider, more often a North Indian’s) always complaining that there is nothing good in Bangalore, no good places to eat/drink, and no good hangout places. Well I’m here to solve that (at least the Eat/drink part) or the breakfast […]

Oh Mind, Sleep Please !

Sleep is a naturally recurring state of mind and body that reduces interaction with the surroundings. Sleep, an underrated pleasure everybody wants but doesn’t get. We live in the times of accelerating acceleration. The Moore’s law makes the world smaller, faster and more connected. At the same time, the myth-making power of the human mind is now […]

7 Questions you can ask to Annoy a “Fast and Furious(FnF)” devotee.

The Fast and the Furious(FnF) has been one the movies which our generation has grown up watching. A lot of our childhood memories come alive each time we watch the movie.  But every time a few more questions begin to pop up too. Some hilarious ones and a few that will make even “Dom” pull […]

10 Things Nobody tells about their First Motorcycle Road Trip!

A motorcycle road trip has been on the bucket list of every group. The movies we watch, show us only the glamorous side. We show you what happens when reality strikes. 1. Silence. As ironic as it might sound, if you and your group of talkative friends are used to blabbering all the way through […]