The Facebook traveler!

Travel is one of the most amazing and essential aspects of the human life. It is a celebration of the exploratory spirit of the human species where we love to get out of our comfort zone and see what lies beyond the horizon. Every Bucket list ever made consists of more than a couple of travel destinations. And with the world getting smaller every day the traveler in you is happier than ever before.

The merits of travel cannot be undermined, but in today’s world neither can the pressure of becoming a traveler ignored. With social media playing a significant role in our lives the list of travel jargons are growing exponentially. So much so that a few who love to just chill at home with a book or laze around on a weekend have this constant feeling of losing out on life. And even when we do travel, the inspiration is that perfect Profile picture or the next status update.

“But, who doesn’t want likes!” is probably what you’re thinking right now. We all do. But it is also because of this obsession that we no longer find relevance to all those travel quotes we read every week. Promises of discovering yourself and Quotes like “Travel changes the way you relate to yourself” leaves us eternally confused vacation after vacation.

It is not your fault. And neither are you a bad traveler. It is just another rat race we unconsciously have got into in creating our perfect Social media life. With our journey from one tourist destination to another, the exploration is just gone. Or are only tourist destinations worth traveling to?

When was the last trip when you were so absorbed by nature that you forgot to take a single photograph? How often do you feel naked without fidgeting with your phone? When did you enjoy you last sunset without looking through the lens of your camera?

The vacation becomes your ability to efficiently complete your list of destinations. And with most of us on a tight budget, we look to max out each penny.The commercialization of tourist destinations adds to the feeling that you spent more than what you signed up for.

So is traveling overrated?

Travelling is like a workout at the gym. You almost always come back home smiling. But don’t feel left out if you are not that traveler yet and don’t just go around being a tourist. Life gives you the drive just when you need it. Till then read your book. Learn your new course. Go finish that painting. Or learn that musical instrument. No matter what you do you’re always losing out on something. So don’t lose out on what you love just for a Facebook post. Don’t become the Facebook traveler.

What then?

So the next time the travel bug hits you don’t ask Google for the best travel destinations. Get out and explore the small nuances of any city you visit. Don’t travel to compete but for yourself. You will be amazed that travel is one such thing enjoyed most when done inefficiently. And that is when all your Quotes start making sense. That is when you stop being a tourist and start being a traveler.

Because in the words of St. Augustine,“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”.

So can you go on your next trip without a plan? Just get up in the morning and start walking until you find something interesting. Go without the fear of getting lost because secretly that’s what you’re hoping for. It is then that you realize that travel is not overrated. And if you still intend on being a tourist you will not be judged. To each their own.